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Apartment repair Ringtinės g. 44a


Real estate masters performed dismantling of apartment partitions, installation of new plasterboard overhangs, replacement of plumbing piping and electrical installation, leveling of walls, painting of plaster, installation of new gypsum ceilings, installation of parquet boards and skirting boards. A shower cabin was also formed and cast, as well as tiles, plumbing and electrical appliances were installed.

Apartment repair Pilaitėje


The team of NT meistrai performed the installation of a new apartment in Pilaitė, the following was performed: plumbing and electrical installation and installation work, putty painting, installation of new plaster ceilings, as well as tiles in the bathroom, window sills were installed, parquet was installed, plumbing (toilet, bath, washing machine, sinks with faucets) and electrical appliances (sockets, switches, hood, hob, oven, etc.), the bath is tiled.

Repair Perkunkiemyje


Real estate masters carried out the relocation of the kitchen: sewerage and water supply pipelines were relocated, electricity points were relocated. Concreting, laminate reassembly, and wall and ceiling repainting work were also performed.

Apartment repair Minties g.


Real estate masters performed repainting of apartment walls and ceilings, renovation of parquet boards, replacement of sockets and switches, installation of plumbing appliances, installation of lighting fixtures and installation of kitchen appliances such as hood, hob and oven.


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